How would you like your letting agent to communicate with you?

Great communication has always been essential in our industry with both our landlords and tenants, however, the lockdown that has occurred with Covid-19 has really brought this home. On a personal level, many of us are now communicating with friends and family on a much greater level. I’m calling my own parents at least once a day!

As a team last week we had a chat about the various ways we can communicate with our Lancaster and Morecambe landlords and also our tenants.

Research shows that 54% of all tenants wanted regular communication before all of this happened. At JDG, we’ve found in the last week this is shooting upwards.

It is interesting to know as well that the most tenants prefer communication to be by either telephone or email, yet 1/5 of tenants under 35, prefer it communicate via What’s App or online chat on website. Will this number grow?

At JDG, you can communicate with you in many different ways. Just let us know your preference and we will make a note.

Ps. What would you like you to communicate with you about? Guidance and Advice? Switching Utility Companies? Local Community Infomation? Remember we are here to help

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