39% of Lancaster Young Adults still live at home with their parents

How old were you when you left home? I was 22, full of hope for the world ahead. I rented a property in Garstang and it was only when I moved in that I realised I had never used a washing machine before!

This weekend it is Mothers Day. Many Mums sadly won’t see their children due to Covid-19. However, an estimated 39% of Mums with young adults as kids will – the reason being – they still live at home and many are know working from home too!

Across the UK there are over 4.6 million mums with dependent children, and in addition, it is estimated 6.1 million (39%) of young adults aged 16–34 live with their parents.

Females tend to fly the nest quicker, over half having left home by the age of 23, over 80% by age 26.

For young men, the tipping point is later. Over one third live at home aged 26, and even by aged 34 it is estimated 8% of young men, the equivalent to 1 in 12 have yet to fly the nest. Maybe they like their home comforts too much or is it a fear of settling down?

We do expect more young people to leave home this year. The new 95% government back mortgages will be a great help and relief to many. We’ve already and young adults ( and a few parents ) calling to find out more!

If you are a first time buyer and want to know more about the government backed mortgages, call us to find out more. Our number is 01524 843322.

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