A Morecambe flat for just £5000? Is this too good to be true?

Do you ever look at deal and think this has to be too good to true?  One which starts to bug you and you keep on going back to it, wondering whats the catch?

A Morecambe flat for just £5000

Central Drive is up for Auction. With a guide price of just £5000, it raised our eyebrows!


This apartment needs total refurbishment.  Even so, at £5000 what do you expect?  Its on the 3rd floor, and has 2 bedrooms.  The agents details implies that major worked is planned.  We are presuming this means on the building so you’ll need to investigate what, and at what cost to you.

Check out the details here.  If you do go the auction, we’d love to know what it sells for.  Please let us know!