Are you a golfer in Lancaster or Morecambe?

If you are a golfer in Lancaster or Morecambe, you’ll no doubt be one of these people eager to get back out on the course next week. We are so lucky to have some fabulous courses in the area with Lancaster, Morecambe and Heysham.

One of our clients is so happy, it turns out he has one of the first tee times at Lancaster. And we’ve just discovered even the crazy golf at Barton Grange is opening on Monday, March 29th too!

There are 373,673 hectares of open green space in Great Britain. Golf courses account for a staggering 33%, the equivalent of 124,806 hectares. We don’t think social distancing will be a problem for golfers!

The re-start of many sports like golf will not only be good for our wellbeing but also helps support the UK economy, contributing £39 billion each year. Our research team discovered that a significant proportion of this money comes from individuals’ involvement in grassroots sport.

What surprised us that this figure was a larger contribution than the UK Housing Market. An estimated 1,044,050 homes sold in 2020 and each sale contributing an average of £9,559 to the economy. Therefore we estimate residential sales in 2020 added £9.9 billion to the UK economy in comparison!

Anyway, are you back on the golf course next week? Let us know!

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