Are you one Lancaster & Morecambe’s board game fans?

Back in December 2019, a report was written about the increase in popularity in board games. At the time it was written that the global board game market was worth over £3.2 billion. It was predicted then that by 2021 it would increase to a whopping £8.12 billion as families looked for ways of entertainment that actually cut down on screen time.

Fast forward to today and COVID-19 has meant that self- distancing has had a big impact on these traditional family games. Parents are introducing their children to the things they did as a child, in the days before games such as Call of Duty, Minecraft and Candy Crush took over. Board games are good fun for the entire family and involve great interaction and fun for all.

My favourite board game has always been Monopoly. I was useless at Operation – so it’s a good job I becambe an estate agent and not a surgeon!

This year monopoly turns 85. It still features in Amazons Top 5 best seller board game list.

When Monopoly came out, passing go to collect £200 was a lot of money. Today that £200 would equate to just over £14,300. Mayfair used to cost £400. The average price in Mayfair is now over £3million.

The online gaming sector though is still growing quickly. 37.3 million people in the UK play online games. Don’t let on I have told you, but even Mr JDG is upto level 79 on Candycrush, somewhat behind Michelle’s level 777. Ssssshhhh, we all have to a secret guilty pleasure!

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