Back to school in Lancaster and the impact on property prices

It’s September and the schools are starting to go back. In the next week, 8.8 million school children across England and Wales will head back to school.

Because of this, our research team decided to focus on schools this week. Did you know? Across England and Wales, nearly 4.3 million homes (17%) have an OFSTED rated Outstanding as their nearest school.

This runs very true in Lancaster, where 17.7% of our homes are in the catchment area of the best primary schools.

What is also interesting is that property price growth in catchment areas around the top schools can often exceed other areas and living close to a top school can attract a significant price premium.

Take LA1 4 as an example. There are 4 primary schools. Two are rated as good. Two are rated as outstanding. Property prices have risen the highest in this area of Lancaster. Take a look at the graph below and you can see just how the prices have grown in the past 12 months.

Schools are just one of the main reasons for higher property prices in certain regions. Employment is also another big factor and for many other amenities are also important such as local shops, open green space and access to transport links.

At JDG we take all these factors into account when we value our homes for sale. We also build this key information into our property brochures. We include the school data and direct links to the school’s websites. Our brochures are very different to other estate agents, however, at JDG we want to make sure our buyers are better informed. It also helps us, achieve you, a better price for your home

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To summerise. Great schools have a direct impact on local property prices. Schools are a key reason why families move home. If you would like to chat more about this, please get in touch. My name is Michelle Gallagher and at JDG we are here to help. Call us on 01524 843322 or email us at

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