Do you love your Morecambe neighbours?

Love is in the air and we’ve found one of the best things to come out of lockdown is the love many people now have for their neighbours, their communities and their towns – this especially true in Morecambe!

Prior to lockdown, many people didn’t even know who lived a few doors away. Some rarely spoke with the neighbours – mainly due to the fact they were hardly ever home. And people who lived in apartments often didn’t even know who lived next door them.

The first lockdown changed this as many people pulled together to support each other, checking on their neighbours, even offering to do the shopping for each other. Neighbours quickly became friends. Who remembers how the Morecambe communities stopped chatting to each other after the Thursday night clapping and the little Covid safe street parties that took place?

6 in 10 people have revealed that the pandemic has brought them closer to their neighbours.

However others have opted to move, their heart desiring green space – garden was the most searched for term in 2020!

The demand for moving soared in 2020 with many buyers looking for their perfect match. Across the Uk, 1,041,610 buyers found ‘the one’, with many more hoping to exchange over the next few months. ( In Morecambe, it was 826 families finding house love!)

February is the month of love. We might still be locked down but lets spread some love to our friends, our families and our neighbours!

And after all of that, if you need to break up with your current home, call us on 01524 843322 and we’ll help you find your perfect home match!

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Michelle & Boots Gallagher

Ps. Boots pictured below is the JDG love!