Do you want to save paying stamp duty on your Morecambe or Lancaster home?

Today’s post is a gentle nudge. I’m talking to a few people currently who are trying to decide when is the best time for them to sell.

Some are concerned Christmas is fast approaching and have been thinking should they wait until the new year. Another is going through a bitter a divorce and a 3rd is wanting to get jobs done to their home to help it become more saleable. All are very valid reasons and I’m not an estate agent that is here to pressurise. However, I’ve had to remind all 3 about a very important factor and a key reason why they should consider selling soon – the stamp duty holiday.

Take a look at the graph below which has been compiled by Dataloft and The Advisory.

According to The Advisory, the average time to sell a property, from the first day of marketing to completion, is on average 18 weeks and in a hot market, like today, it can take on average 16 weeks. Some parts of Morecambe and Lancaster are hot, some are average and some are actually rather cold ( you can see that by the number of homes lingering on the market).

By our calculations, you need to have listed your home on the market by early December. Historically though, December can be a quiet month, so our advice – you need to be on the market by mid November at the latest.

March 31st may seem like a long time away, however when it comes to selling homes, it is not as far as you think!

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