How do people in Lancaster and across the UK choose their estate agent?

How should you choose an estate agent? What do clients actually look for? What do you look for?

Every year the Property Academy ( who happen to rank us in the top 3% of estate agents in the UK) conduct their home moving trend survey. They ask over 7000 people who have moved or in the process of moving a series of questions. One section of this is dedicated to “How did you choose your estate agents?” The results are always released at their annual event where they announce the Best Agents in the UK based upon Service, Marketing and Results.

One of the questions they ask is – “What are the top 5 factors influencing your choice of agent?”.

The answers are often different than most estate agents expect them to be. The question is – do the match your thoughts? We would love to know.

  1. In the first place, home sellers put capability and market knowledge top the list of how prospective home buyers choose their agent 
  2. Confidence in ability was rated by more homemovers than any other single quality and far outweighed the 19% who included ‘lowest fee’ in their top 5. People want value for money.
  3. Liked and trusted’ (69%) and ‘handled similar properties’ (59%) complete the top 5 which remain consistent across all different age groups.
  4. Younger people, aged up to 34, were more likely however to include portals, fees and ratings in their top 5 choices. 

It’s interesting isn’t it. Your home is your biggest tax free asset and as such when it comes to choosing an agent – confidence in the agents ability is essential.

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