How long does it take to sell a house in 2020?

If I could have a pound for everytime a new client asked this question, I think I would be able to retire. It is a common question and one I get asked almost daily.

It is true – property in many areas is selling quickly. Quicker than it has done for some considerable time. We’ve seen homes snapped up in days. We have seen some sell even before they hit the open market. Just today a home on the market has gone under at £325,000. It only came available for sale on Monday.

Some homes though struggle. If you follow our market updates you can see that some homes in Morecambe have been on the market for over 20 weeks – 394 of them to precise. Thankfully not with us! Accurate pricing is still key.

Lets look at those house that do sell quickly. Recent research now shows that on average houses are accepting an offer within 27 days. This is since lock down eased. To put things into perspective this 31% faster than in 2019!

Time to sell varies by property type and of course location. At present, 3-bed houses sell the fastest, 24 days. 1-bed flats take the longest to sell, 34 days. Homes that are also better presented tend to sell faster and often for money.

Time to sell has also decreased as a result of available supply falling short of buyer demand.

4 and 5-bed houses are now selling 16 days faster, the biggest decrease seen. We had a house on Haverbreaks at over £500,000 and that went under offer in just 48 hours!

If you are thinking of moving and would like to sell quickly, please get in touch. We have a marketing plan that is getting result for our clients. Since lockdown eased we have now sold (SSTC) 144 properties. That’s more than a sale a day!

Call us on 01524 843322. We would love to help and share our ideas with you. Remember, we are also here to help you get the best possible price too!

Thanks for reading

Michelle x