How much has your Lancaster and Morecambe home increased by?

At JDG we like to work with property facts. It is why we study the market so we know exactly what is happening. We know what is selling, the prices they are achieving, and what our buyers are looking for. It is what sets us apart from the competition. It is something we are renowned for.

Did you know that property prices have risen at their fastest rate since 2004? As of June this year, they had increased by a whopping 13.2% on average across the UK.

For the first time in many years, London saw the smallest increase as demand dropped significantly due to the lack of overseas buyers and many city workers finding they could now work from home. People left the cities in droves, looking for a better way of living, more affordable homes, open green spaces, and for some, a desire to be by the coast.

For this reason, homes in the Northwest became in high demand with prices rising as high as 18.6% in some areas.

In Lancaster, prices grew on average by 9.4%. In Morecambe, they increased by 9.2%. Out in the Lune Valley, they increased by a whopping 17.2%!

Break it down further though and we can see that some postcode areas increased more than others. If we look closer at LA1 4 which covers Scotforth, Bowerham, and Greaves, prices increased by 14% whilst over in Hest Bank, they increased by 19%.

If you would like to know how your postcode has performed, please let me know. I can send you a report on just your postcode area eg LA1 4 or even on just your home!

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