Is your home named after the seasons?

This week in the JDG office we have been talking about how Autumn is well and truly here. The leaves are turning orange and red and slowly falling from the trees. I’ve been walking in the woods, collecting conkers, and picking blackberries. The central heating is also switched on!

Just for fun, our research team looked at the average price of homes that are named after the seasons. There are 4 seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. We were surprised to discover that Autumn named homes have sold for an average of £322,467. This is a whopping £85,736 more than Spring named homes.

2nd on the list for value was Winter named homes. On average they are worth £279,185.

When it comes to property sales since the start of 2020, of all the seasons, the lowest priced Spring has been the most popular season. There have been over 1600 property sales that had Spring in their name.

As we head into the Autumn, interest in the property market remains high, with many still searching for their post-pandemic perfect home. 

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