Overwhelmed with all the landlord legislation?

Letting a property is tough and with all the ever-changing legislation it is more important than ever that landlords ensure they are keeping on the correct side of the law with their rental properties.

When landlords choose to manage their investment themselves it is critical that they ensure they are aware of all of the current legislation as well as what is coming up so they can make the appropriate changes to ensure they are compliant.

There are a number of helpful websites and resources for landlords to use to help them but these can often be subject to peoples opinions rather than what is actually stated in law. We work alongside the industry experts to make sure all of our managed properties are kept compliant and our landlords are prepared for future expenditure when we know a law is going to change that requires action.

With the exceptional fines that may be passed down for non-compliance, it is worth considering appointing a friendly agent for a small monthly fee to keep an eye on the changing legislation as well as all the date sensitive certificates and paperwork that needs to be in place.

Feel free to give us a call to see if we can put together an offer to take over the management of your property and give you peace of mind that your are ticking all the boxes. Our number is 01524 843322.

Check out this handy calendar by Let Alliance of what laws we can expect to see in 2021.

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