Should More Lancaster Landlords Accept Pets?

Here at JDG Lettings, we are often asked if we have any rental properties that accept pets, but the majority of landlords in Lancaster currently prefer not to let to tenants with pets, due to potential cleaning costs or damage to their property.

40% of UK households own a pet, yet only 7% of landlords advertise their homes as suitable for pets. It seems many people are struggling to find a pet-friendly home.

Research conducted by the Property Academy found that 35% of all tenants would be willing to pay a premium of £40 per month (£50 in London) for a ‘pet-friendly’ property. This proportion rises to 43% among tenants who are couples.

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick has announced an overhaul of the model tenancy contracts, to encourage landlords to make it easier for responsible tenants to have well-behaved pets in their homes. The aim is to create a balance so pet owners can find a pet-friendly property more easily, while landlords’ properties are also protected from damage.

In England and Wales the private rental sector (the proportion of housing stock that is privately-rented) has increased by around 8% from 2013 to 2018, which means that demand for pet-friendly homes is increasing.

Hopefully the revised tenancy contracts will help more tenants to enjoy the added quality of life a pet can bring.

If you’re a property owner in Lancaster and you’re considering renting to tenants with pets, we would love to speak with you. You can find some useful information about the lettings process on our website. Feel free to call into our office on Market Street for a chat with the Lettings Manager, Josh.