Where are people moving to?

Now, most of the major sporting events are over, the JDG conversation has come back work focused! This week in the office we have been chatting about who is moving and just where are they moving to? It stems from a conversation about how we literally have more buyers than sellers. Olivia who has just joined our team asked a great question – Where have these buyers come from? Where did they live before? Let’s face it, we have registered over 1700 buyers this year. We thought let’s dig deeper…

Across the region, there have been 1829 homes listed for sale, of which 167 have chosen to sell with JDG. Not bad, when you consider these listings are shared between 101 different companies! Now not all buyers sadly will have registered with us, so straight away we can see the picture isn’t quite as bad as it looks. Some of these homes will also be empty, therefore the owners won’t be buying on. It just happens that we have 10 x the number of buyers registered than we have homes to sell, hence many of our homes have lots of viewings and multiple offers!

Our team though decided to look at where people are moving to and from. As you can see on the graph, here in the Northwest, almost 9000 more people have moved in than they have moved out! Down in London, the picture is very different with over 100,000 more people escaping London than actually wanting to live there! Interesting…

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that many of us are now seeking a better quality of life and this includes a work/life balance. Buyers have been leaving the cities seeking more a relaxed way of living. For many this is living in a village, the countryside and out by the coast.

Morecambe has proven exceptionally popular with its fresh air and amazing sunset views across the bay. Lancaster is seen as a smaller city with great community spirit, superb schools and is very well connected with excellent transport links via train and motorway, and property prices in our villages have soared as people look for a slower paced life and a more outdoor lifestyle.

Our future looks positive. We have excellent investment in the area and that is across the region including the highly anticipated Eden Project of the North. If you are thinking of moving in, or indeed and out, or like many of our clients moving within – we would love to chat with you.

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Thanks for reading

Michelle x