Would you buy a home in Lancaster or Morecambe without a garden?

Summer is officially here. And when the summer comes, the demand for homes with gardens always gets greater. In fact, a recent survey by Rated People reports that almost two-thirds of buyers won’t a buy home without one!

Gardens have always been a high priority on buyers wish lists and more since the start of the pandemic. Many people are opting to entertain friend and families outdoors, some because of the raising covid cases in Lancashire and others quite simply because outdoor dining is more enjoyable and sociable. Who doesn’t love a BBQ!

It was always predicted when the first lockdown started to ease that gardens would be a key reason why people wanted to move and another recent report by dataloft, states that this is the case across the UK. But what happens when your home doesn’t have a garden, what can you do?

At JDG we have lots of top tips for this. First of all, please remember for 1/3 buyers this isn’t a priority. And remember we have lots of top tips.

  • Why not consider giving your backyard a makeover? You’d be surprised how a backyard can be transformed by laying a nice patio, a decked area, even an artificial lawn. Add pots with colourful flowers and a small seating area. Show that you do have outside space!
  • Do you live in an apartment? If you have a balcony, add a bistro table and a couple of outdoor plants. Show off the lifestyle of drinks on the balcony!
  • Do you live near the seafront or a great park? If so, highlight this in your marketing. Show the lifestyle on offer in your neighbourhood!

At JDG we have lots of great ideas to help get you moved this Summer. If you don’t have a garden, don’t worry – we can still help. And if you do, make sure your agent shows it off properly!

If you are thinking of moving, we would love to help. Call us on 01524 843322. We have lots of buyers looking to buy and a huge property shortage!

Thanks for reading

Michelle x