40% of people In Lancaster and Morecambe like to move home on Friday

Last week in the office Cassie mentioned that Friday no longer feels to be the main day that people home. When she joined the company almost 15 years ago, she says without a doubt that 80% of our clients moved on Friday.

She was right. They did. But equally, she is also wrong. It is still the main day, but research shows that Friday remains the most popular day to complete on a house or start a new rental tenancy. 40% of all property sales over the past year have been completed on a Friday and a quarter of new rental tenancies were started.

Over the years the popularity of a Friday move has waned. Official figures show that 5 years ago, 48% of people moved on a Friday, however, we must remember that Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday fell on a Friday.

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Another interesting fact is that 10% of all new tenancies started over the past year have been on just ten specific dates in the year. These dates all correspond with either the start or the end of a month. A key reason for this could be people like a clear month start or simply they want to tie it in to pay dates.

We have to feel sorry for removal companies with everyone wanting their services on the same day. Did you know, that some local removal companies offer a discounted rate for mid-week moves? It might be worth checking with your local removal company to see if you can save some pounds! And it might be a key reason why fewer people now move on a Friday than did several years ago!

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