DIY, COVID 19 and the local Lancaster and Morecambe Property Market

Easter and Spring have always been considered to be a key kick-off point in the Lancaster and Morecambe Housing Market.  Many people who are considering moving tend to use the extended bank holiday as a time to get their home in order. 

Gardens get tended to.  Lawns get one of their first mows of the year.  Paintbrushes come out and the old fashioned Spring Clean happens.   

After the bank holiday lots of people list their homes for sale, know that with the sun shining,  Morecambe Bay glistening and gardens looking at their best,  it is a great time to get moving.

This year it has slightly changed.   The housing market may be quieter, yet there has been a huge increase in spending in the DIY / Home Improvement market.   More people than ever are using this time to do projects in their homes.

Did you know?  

76% of prospective buyers are put off by cracks, marks and stains.    It really is worth using this extra time we have to get our homes sale ready.   We wrote a blog on this a while ago about Why you should finish those odd jobs.   Click here to read it!

An increase in online sales

We thought this week, we would look at the increase in sales in the DIY market.   The infographic above highlights our key findings.

  • There has been a 47% increase in online paint sales.  Are you one of those that are re-decorating?  If so, we’d love to know which rooms.  Michelle chatted on a virtual valuation yesterday with a couple who were painting the kid’s bedrooms prior to sale!
  • There has been a 15% increase in the sales of tools.   What DIY jobs are you doing?   Mr JDG has put some lighting around the decking,  Josh has built his own bar in his dining room and my neighbour has been busy fixing the broken fence!
  • Plant, seed and bulb sales have jumped by 35%Michelle has bought lots of vegetable seeds for her home allotment and compost too.  She’s also ordered flower and veg seeds for her parents.   Clients are sharing their garden photos with us.    Are you one of the keen gardeners out there, now the sun is shining?    Our suggestion is, why not give your yard a makeover?  Make it a pleasurable area to sit out and enjoy.   

DIY and Gardening will not also help our homes sell, but it also helps to keep us active, fit and our mind foccussed.   This is a prfect time to get odd jobs finished, new projects started and an excuse to get out and enjoy some fresh air! 

My name is Michelle Gallagher.  You can call me on 01524 843322 or email me at   I am here to help.