Let’s talk property, easter and some fun chocolate facts

Easter this year is going to be very strange for most of us. Churches are closed, holidays cancelled and family visits postponed. The only thing that seems part normal about it all is that we can still buy and eat Easter Eggs. And please don’t think bad of me, but I have started eating mine already!

Anyway, back to property, we thought this week we would take a look at how many house sales have happened over the past 12 months that have Easter Related Addresses. Excuse the pun but there have been a cracking 1600 sales with Easter Addresses. Who else wants to live at Easter Cottage or Chick Hill?

Their combined value was just over £600 million. This sounds a lot until we discovered that over Easter, Britons last year spent an egg-stimated £1.7 billion over the Easter Period. I wonder what that will be this year?

Of the above Easter related addresses – Cross was the most popular (Think Hot Cross Buns) and featured in 85% of the addresses. Only 2% actually featured the word Easter! Chocolate appeared in just 29 addresses.

Talking of Chocolate (my favourite subject) – how much do you spend on chocolate each year? It is estimated that the average British Shopper spends £328 per year (£6.30 each week).

Anyway, as it is easter – why not enter our colouring competition to win an Easter Egg? You’ll find the details on the link below.

Happy Colouring

Love Michelle, John, Boots and the JDG Team x