Falling in love with a home on Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air…..

This week in the JDG office talk has turned to Valentine’s Day and who plans to celebrate. We’ve all got bets on who will get flowers in the office, and I can tell you this year, having just moved home, it’s not going to be me! Renovation costs of our new home mean that we have agreed to be sensible, although I will cook a romantic dinner for 3 (we can’t leave Boots out!)

Across the UK there will be lots of people viewing homes, we’ve already got 10 viewings booked in. It’s seen as a lucky day in the house viewing calendar as homes that sell on Valentine’s Day, tend to achieve better prices!

Last year, across the UK, over 1,300 homebuyers sealed the deal on Valentine’s Day, with an average sold price of £364,655, 4% more than across the rest of the year. Love really must have been in the air!

In the realm of love, there’s something for each heart, with a whopping £5,546,750 difference between the most and least expensive purchases last Valentine’s Day. The most expensive was a £5,580,000 flat in Gloucester Square, Westminster, a luxurious spree. Yet in Hartlepool, at £33,250, for a terrace so sweet, love found a budget-friendly seat. 

Will you find a home that makes your heart flutter this month?

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