Haunted houses, the number 13 and Lancaster Property Prices!

This Halloween, our research team decided they wanted some fun, after all, there is far too much doom and gloom around this year!

It stemmed from a conversation that began a while ago with the sale of Number 13 Clarence Street. This is the most expensive to sell on this street, however, it is also the most beautiful. The homeowners have done an amazing job. It sold for the full asking price in under 48 hours. Number 13 certainly wasn’t unlucky for them. The team then decided to research Houses numbered 13 across the UK!

Over the years we have dealt with lots of Number 13’s and also lots of homes with 11a in the address – 11a Lune Rund, 11a Stoney Lane and 11a Heversham Close to name a few. Some people are superstitious. But should they be?

Lucky for some, we don’t all get too superstitious. So far this year 3,406 house sales have taken place across England and Wales on properties numbered ‘13’. What is really interesting is the properties numbered ’13’ on average achieve 15% more than the average sale price in England and Wales.

There have also been 3,550 house sales at the top 20 spookiest road names since 1995. 67% of these were on Cemetery Road and 20% on Dark Hill.

There are lots of great spookily named street across the Uk. We’ve found Broomstick Lane (perfect for mother-in-law jokes), Bat Alley and Witches Walk. Closer to home in Hest Bank we have Hanging Green Lane!

Parts of Lancaster are considered to be haunted. After all it was a hanging city and we all know what happened to the Pendle Witches. Have you ever been on a Lancaster Castle haunted ghost hunt? Once Covid restrictions are lifted – it is a must thing to do!

Talking of the Castle being haunted, we are slightly scared. Our new office dates back to the 1700’s. It has links to Lancaster Castle and we have been told twice now, by seperate people that we have a secret tunnel that links us to the castle. Who wants to volunteer to go down into our cellar to find out?

Thanks for reading and if you want to share any spooky local stories of haunted houses, please do so!