Is your estate agent using AI to help sell your Lancaster or Morecambe home?

Have you dabbled with AI yet?

The chances are you have. Many of us have now tried Chat GPT. We’ve used photograph filters online. Even Google is an early form of AI – a computer doing the heavy lifting when it comes to research.

2023 was the year when AI took a big leap forward, and it’s something at JDG we are embracing whilst still remembering that clients still want the personal touch!

It’s interesting seeing how the use of AI is growing in the estate agency industry. The latest research reveals that almost 50% of agents across the UK are using it one way or another.

At JDG we use AI to help enhance our property photos. We use it to “help” us with our property descriptions. We use it a lot in our social media marketing campaigns to ensure the right people see our client’s homes for sale. We are dabbling with AI in video.

AI is now all around us. However, the one thing we can promise you is that when you choose to work with us, you are still speaking with a real person. We are still personal estate agents, here to help you all the way through. Humans have hearts and feelings. AI doesn’t!

AI will do our heavy lifting, we will use it to automate those tasks that time and tedious, which ultimately will give us more time to help you!

If you are looking for an agent that embraces technology but still offers a very personal service, we would love chat! You can call us on 01524 843322 or email me at

Thanks for reading

Michelle x