Rents across the UK are increasing

Did you know that 1 in 5 tenancy agreements are agreed in August and September in the UK? Now, is the busiest time of year in our industry.

People like to move in the Summer. For many, it links with the new academic year starting and that can be linked to children going to a new school, people changing jobs and the start of a new university year.

This year is no different. There is a huge demand for rental properties across Lancaster and Morecambe. The problem is there is also a huge shortage and this is driving rents upwards. On average in the UK rents have increased by 6.6%, in Morecambe it is even higher than this – we’ll look at this closer in next week article.

Rental forecasts look strong, with the RICS residential survey forecasting rents to rise +3% over the next twelve months.

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