The demand for property in Lancaster and Morecambe is soaring.

It’s official. The housing market has gone crazy. Property prices and transaction are at an all time high.

A combination of the spring sunshine, the extension to the Stamp Duty holiday and the relaxation of restrictions has continued to support buyer demand. Mortgage rates are also at an all-time low.

Properties sold faster in the first two weeks of April than ever previously recorded according to Rightmove, 23% of properties sold in March ‘sale agreed’ within just one week. Across Lancaster and Morecambe, the story was similar with many buyers outbidding each other and prices agreed soaring above the original asking price. Many homes sold in a matter of days. Many buyers were left disappointed.

The number of homes available for sale across the UK is at a record low, a shortage of properties underpinning price growth across the market which now at its strongest since October 2014.  This is market where demand is outstripping supply.

Many home sellers are now finding out that their home is worth more than they thought. However to achieve the best possible price, it still needs great marketing, expert negotiation and a solid marketing plan.

At JDG we have just agreed our 365 sale in under 365 days. We can officially say, we sell a home every single day. We have registered over 1100 buyers looking for property across Lancaster and Morecambe, however the reality is, we now have just 42 homes for sale. We need more!

What is also interesting is that whilst we have sold the most homes across Lancaster and Morecambe, we don’t have the most homes for sale. We are actually 7th place for this ( basically becuase we sell what we list! ).

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