What do you miss most about your Lancaster office?

You may have heard in the news this week that Estate Agents can return to work and our offices can start to re-open. It’s a strange one, as whilst many of us are excited to go back to work, we are also a little nervous despite all the risk assessments and Covid-19 procedures we have in place.

What 7 things do you miss most about going to the workplace?

Right now, our desks are being repositioned to make sure we are 2 meters apart but it means not all of us can fit in. Some of us will still have to work from home. We are ok though, as all of our software is cloud based and our telephones work off a voip system so we can still transfer calls easily and in many ways work as normal.

There is though a key problem. And it’s what we will miss out of our daily lives. Office jokes via Zoom calls aren’t quite the same. Those with children who will still need to work from home say they will continue to miss the grown-up conversations. I miss having a daily routine, although I am already forming new ones and a couple of my colleagues who are desperate to return to the office say they miss each other and also company.

There are have been positives though working from home. Some of our team have felt more productive without the daily distractions that come with office life and nobody misses the commute to work, especially John and Michelle (if you have experienced the Galgate traffic in a morning, you would understand!). Did you know the average daily commute to work in the UK is 59 minutes?

What do you miss most about the workplace? We would love to know!

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