Will you be cycling around Lancaster & Morecambe more?

Back in January 2020, Lancaster was ranked as one of the top cities in the UK for cycling. The air quality was ranked highly as was the actual safeness.

Morecambe is a town, and one which has always been popular with cyclists. After all is does have it’s 81 mile Bay Cycle Way, whilst starting in Barrow, it passes the famous Eric Morecambe Bay statue. You also have lots of locals enjoying the length and the flatness of the promenade.

What is interesting though is how many people have taken up cycling since lockdown began. Some turned to it as way to get of the home, for other it was genuine exercise. A friend of mine started cycling as she wanted to avoid public transport.

Sales of bicycles increased. In fact, interest in cycling increased by 118%. The actual number of people actually using a bike increased by 70%.

Nobody knows how the future will look. All we do know is that cycling is a much greener way of getting around. Because of the pandemic, we will all need more space around us. We won’t want to crowd on public transport.

The government feel the same, hence they announced £250 million investment into greener transport. Many local authorities have already begun to make changes, and the government is encouraging more to secure a lasting legacy of greener, safer transport. It will be interesting to see what further changes we see in Lancaster & Morecambe.

Pedal Power looks to be here to stop….. It is becoming the new normal for many.

Ps. On a side note, a few buyers this week have been looking for bicycle stores at the houses and apartments we are selling. It might be time to invest one or highlight it in your property marketing!