What information do buyers look for when buying a home in Lancaster and Morecambe?

Today I want to talk to you about property marketing. It’s something we take very seriously at JDG.

For those that have met me, you’ll know that I talk about the importance of the 3 the P’s – Price, Presentation, Promotion. Today I want to look a little deeper into this and focus on information.

Information falls under presentation when you consider it is how your estate agent presents the information of your home to a potential buyer. A recent home moving trends survey by the Property Academy revealed what a buyer deems as important.

  • 75% of all buyers questioned felt a floorplan was very important
  • 55% of all buyers felt the quality of photographs were very important
  • 52% of all buyers felt the description was very important
  • 50% of all buyers felt the number of photos was very important
  • 48% of buyers want to see the home on a map and street view

Despite the pandemic stopping physical viewings during Lockdown One, only 16% of buyers said a video tour was very important. Buyers still feel the need to see a house a person. The video however does allow buyers to make a better decision and coupled with the fact only proceedable buyers can physically view, it does help minimise risk when it comes to Covid-19.

To 80% of buyers, broadband speed is important, yet only 31% of buyers felt it was really important. We wonder if this importance will increase with homeschooling and working from home becoming normal for many.

Property marketing is essential and it’s important as estate agents that we consider what the people looking to buy your home want to see. Great photos, excellent descriptions and floorplans are essential. We expect to see video tours to appear higher on the list later on the year as people adapt and more agents start to follow the Covid guidelines.

At JDG we take property marketing very seriously. This graph below show the impact great marketing can have on getting your home sold and for the best price. The graph covers LA1, LA2, LA3 and LA4 – namely all sales in Lancaster and Morecambe since the first lockdown eased in May 2020

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