What will working for home mean for the Lancaster Housing Market?

In the past 7 weeks a lot as changed in the world. Could working from home become the new normal for some people as the UK looks to start easing lockdown but needs to find ways for people to return to work? How will it work in an office environment if people have to social distance? Quite simply put, does your work office have the space to fit everyone in, including you?

Today, we thought we would look at a few of the facts and how people’s buying activities have changed due to working from home.

In 2019 only 5% of the UK workforce worked mainly from home (interestingly this is higher at just over 8% in Lancaster ) and less than 30% of the total workforce had even tried it. When lockdown happened, many of us were suddenly forced into this new of working. This is going to have changed dramatically since the Covid-19 lockdown.

Sales of computer monitors increased by 172%, office chair purchase rose by 104% and office desk sales increased by 89% as families realeased the dining room table wasn’t as multi functional as they originally hoped.

What is really interesting is how Google have reported that the search of Garden Office Pods have increased by 190%. Quite simply put, not everyone has a spare bedroom, to use as a home office, and even less homes have a dedicated office on the ground floor.

We are now in week 7 of lockdown. Rightmove enquiries alone are up by 50% on last week. Are people suddenly realising that their home in the future may have to work differently for them? Will the home office become a must-have need in future homes?

If you’d like to chat about moving home, or indeed how the home of the future might look, please give us a call. If you are a landlord, it is worth mentioning that 3-bed rental homes are in huge demand – tenants also want and need space to work from home.

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