Buyer demand in Lancaster and Morecambe swells to twice pre-pandemic levels.

Today we wanted to chat with you about buyer demand. Across the country, buyer demand is at an all-time high. It is twice the levels it was pre-pandemic and it is showing no signs of slowing as we head into the Autumn.

On a daily basis at JDG, we are registering 15 new buyers a day – all looking for property across Lancaster and Morecambe. This is over double where it would be normally.

There is a distinct lack of property available on websites such as Rightmove, and whilst they are reporting it is 14% up on last month, the lack of choice is at an all-time low. There is still competition when it comes to securing a property.

As of today, there are just 238 properties for sale in LA1, at our agency alone we have registered over 200 new buyers already in September alone. Last month we registered 300 new buyers. You can soon start to see the problem!

The other issue the market is having is overpriced homes on the market. You can soon recognize them. These are the ones that have been on the market for some time or have been listed at prices that make your eyes water. We’ve noticed homes going up for sale at £100K more than their neighbours sold for last year and these are homes which are under £500,000.

If you are thinking of moving, carefully consider which estate agent you use. An agent’s job is to get you the best possible price for your home without valuing. Ask to see comparable evidence. Ask them to explain their pricing strategy. Also, ask to see their Rightmove performance card. I’ll happily share ours. For now here are the key points from it

  • You are 23% more likely to achieve a sale when you sell with JDG
  • It’s proven we sell 44% faster than other agents in the area
  • A sale is less likely to fall through when you sell with us.
  • Our marketing generates 36% more leads than other agents in your area.

If you are thinking of selling, we would love to chat with you. I’ll happily show you our Rightmove performance card and explain what this means for you!

My name is Michelle Gallagher. Can we help you move? I’ve been valuing homes across Lancaster and Morecambe for the past 20 years. I’d love to have a chat. Our number is 01524 843322 or you can email me at

Thanks for reading

Michelle x