Could you live without a garden or any outside space?

Ever since the first lock down eased in May last year, one of the most common requests we get at JDG is for a home with a garden or a spacious yard that couples can sit out in.

Lockdown has taught people a lot about what they need from their homes and gardens come very high on the priority list. It was the most popular search term in 2020 on the property portals!

Our marketing team did some research and we shocked to discover that 1 in 8 people across the UK has no access to outdoor space. Many of these people will be living in apartments in built-up areas.

We can only be thankful that in Lancaster 11.2% of the area is actually public green space whilst in Morecambe it is 4.1%. Luckily the people in Morecambe have a fabulous coastline to also enjoy. Imagine living in a town centre away from the coast and the countryside? Across the Lancashire region, the average green public space is only 2.8%.

People have come to cherish their gardens and with Spring just around the corner, people will soon be back outdoors enjoing them and making the most of them. Who else is lookinmg forward to inviting friends around to a BBQ once lockdown starts to ease?

If you are thinking of selling your Lancaster or Morecambe home and you happen to have a garden, please get in touch. Chances are we have a buyer waiting for you!

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