How energy efficient is your home?

This week we have been talking a lot about EPC’s in the office. Did you know that the minimum efficiency requirement to rent out any property is a score of E? There are talks in government that they want to see this increased to a C in the future. It’s not surprising when you consider what is happening with global warming, let alone fuel bills!

What is also interesting is that homes that are energy efficient actually sell for more, compared to homes that are less energy efficient. It has always been considered that the EPC rating is one of the last things people look at when house hunting. In fact, some people admit to not looking at it all – so how can this be the case?

We thought we would look at things deeper. Buyers do ask questions about the boiler, they do want to know about the roof and they do look closely at the windows. These are all expensive jobs, which also happen to help increase the energy efficiency of a home.

  • Homes sold with an EPC rating A or B over the past years achieved a 10% price premium over properties with an EPC energy efficient rating of D.

  • One in every 12 properties sold achieved an energy efficiency rating of A or B on its EPC, 47% of properties selling with a D rating.

  • Just 6% of re-sale properties sold achieved the A or B rating, However over 60% of re-sale properties have the potential, with improvements, to hit that grade.

  • As autumn approaches and the conversation in many households turns to extra layers versus heating on, boosting your homes EPC rating may well keep you warm and help boost your sale price.

Source: Dataloft, Land Registry, MHCLG

It is interesting isn’t it, how energy efficient homes sell for more. These do tend to be the homes that have had many other upgrades. Remember when you are out viewing, or looking at properties online, ask to the EPC. At JDG we display them very clearly on all our marketing and brochure!

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