Lancaster and Morecambe house buyers and tenants are asking about broadband speeds….

This week on the blog I wanted to talk to you about what buyers are looking for in their next homes.

Demand has soared for homes with gardens, views and extra space that can be used a home office. We fully expected that. However, buyers questions on viewings have also changed. In the past, it has often been boiler-related questions. Now it is has moved onto Broadband speeds!

Lockdown has changed many things and for some people working for home is becoming the new norm. To do so though, you need a very good broadband connection and speed.

Given this re-occuring question, our marketing team decided do to some research. They discovered…..

  • During lockdown, internet users spent 18% more time on the internet. The importance of broadband speed to home movers has increased and can be an important factor when choosing the next home.
  • The increased importance of internet speed can be seen in take-up figures. In 2019, 74% of home broadband connections were superfast products compared to 66% in 2018, 58% in 2017 and 49% in 2016. 
  • Dataloft’s Homemover Survey revealed that for 16% of buyers, broadband speed had become more important than before lockdown.
  • Vendors should consider improving internet speeds in their homes, often an easy change to make. Source: Dataloft, Ofcom

Do you know the broadband speed for your home? It is easy to do a quick speed test. If it is great let your estate agent know so they can share this information with your viewers!

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Ps. Just incase you wondered, the average broadband speed in Lancaster is 87 MBPS.