Wimbledon Winnings and the Lancaster and Morecambe Property Market!

What a month for sport, England is through to the final of Euro 2020, the first time since 1966!

However whilst football is the topic of conversation for many, let’s not forget Wimbledon. England’s hope’s may be dashed now Andy Murray is out and the fabulous Emma Raducanu sadly had to quit, however it’s still fabulous to watch. The question is who will take home the winners prize pot of £1.7m?

Last week our amazing research team looked at Footballers salaries against property prices, this time it is that of the tennis prize pot.

Did you know that with £1.7m the winner of Wimbledon would be able to afford to buy 99.4% of properties in the UK? Make it to the final and 94% of all detached homes in the UK are within the winners affordability!

Closer to home in Lancaster and Morecambe, both the winner and finalist could take their pick of almost any home locally. We could always recommend a very nice home for the semi- finalist. With £465,000 could we tempt them with this spacious detached home in Heysham? It’s well within budget and they would have change left to do it up to their taste.

If you are quarter finalist and have £300,000 to spend on a luxury apartment, we have lots to choose from in Lancaster and again, they would have change in their pocket. These apartments at The Residence are truly stunning. Just click the link to take a nosy around!

And for those players who made the 4th round, £181,000 is not to be sniffed at. It would buy them a fabulous terrace home. They would have a choice of 46% of all terrace homes on the market in the UK. Closer to home we could tempt them with this Freehold home. Click the link and just look at those views

While the average price of a property across England and Wales has risen by 10% since 2019, at £35 million the total prize pot for Wimbledon is 11% lower.

If players seek to invest their money, in property terms their prize money goes a long way. All but 0.6% of property sales over the past year have been within the winners budget of £1.7 million, all but 3.2% sold for the runners-up. The question is, can we tempt them to invest locally!

This weeks article is just a bit of fun, however if you want to chat about the local housing market, please get in touch.

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