A new home in Morecambe or Lancaster for Easter…..

I love our market research team although sometimes I wonder where they get their ideas from. This week, whilst eating Cadbury Cream Eggs, kindly purchased as a parting gift by a colleague, they decided to find out how much the UK public are expected to spend on chocolate eggs! Here is what they found!

Did you know? 32.6 million of us are egg-spected to celebrate this weekend, spending on average £25 each on Easter gifts, cards and of course eggs!

In total, £153 million is set to be spent on Easter Eggs across the UK this year, the egg-quivalent to a nest of 574 average priced homes. This figure is basing the average house UK price at £266,532. If we based it on the average Morecambe house price which is £141,335 – this would be 1082 homes!

Egg-spenditure on Easter eggs this year is egg-spected to be a cracking £48 million more than in 2020, the easing of lockdown restrictions egg-abling many to meet outdoors and exchange gifts if not hugs. I can confirm that many places have sold out of chocolate eggs, the shelves at our local supermarket tonight were almost empty!

We also discovered that the average adult consumes 126 Easter Eggs over the course of their lifetime, with 40% of us confessing we can’t live without chocolate. I must admit, I have a weakness for chocolate and in team JDG we definately have a secret chocolate eater….

Are you a chocoholic? Do your prefer Milk, Dark or White chocolate? Let us know! In the meantime have a superb Easter break and if we can help you with your moving needs this Spring, please get in touch. At JDG we are here to help.

Thanks for reading

Michelle x